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Handcrafted Distressed Denim Vest H4 02660

Handcrafted Distressed Denim Vest H4 02660

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Handcrafted Distressed Denim Vest

Make a bold fashion statement with our Handcrafted Distressed Denim Vest. This unique piece combines the rugged charm of denim with intricate handcrafted details, creating a truly standout item for your wardrobe. The vest features a distressed pattern with alternating strips of denim, adding texture and visual interest.

• Material: Premium quality denim for durability and comfort.
• Design: Handcrafted distressed detailing, sleeveless with a V-neckline.
• Features: Button-down front, relaxed fit for versatile styling.
• Care: Hand wash recommended to preserve detailing, or machine wash on gentle cycle.

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