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Cutout Embellished Denim Pants H4 02618

Cutout Embellished Denim Pants H4 02618

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Cutout Embellished Denim Pants

Add a touch of avant-garde flair to your wardrobe with our Cutout Embellished Denim Pants. These unique pants feature an innovative design with cutout sections adorned with intricate embellishments, creating a striking and edgy look. Perfect for making a bold fashion statement, these pants combine modern style with classic denim comfort.

• Material: High-quality denim for durability and a comfortable fit.
• Design: Unique cutout sections with decorative embellishments, wide-leg fit.
• Features: High-waisted design with an elastic waistband at the back for a secure fit, button and zipper closure.
• Care: Hand wash recommended to maintain embellishments, or machine wash on gentle cycle.

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